New Frontiers in Mining Complex Patterns

Structure Determination and Estimation of Hierarchical Archimedean Copulas Based on Kendall Correlation Matrix
Jan Gorecki and Martin Holena
Developing Personalized Classifiers for Retrieving Music by Mood
Amanda Cohen Mostafavi, Zbigniew Ras and Alicja Wieczorkowska
AGWAN: A Generative Model for Labelled, Weighted Graphs
Michael Davis, Weiru Liu and Paul Miller
Feature extraction over multiple representations for time series classification
Dominique Gay, Romain Guigoures, Marc Boulle and Fabrice Clerot
Mining Frequent Partite Episodes with Partwise Constraints
Takashi Kato, Shin-Ichiro Tago, Tatsuya Asai, Hiroaki Morikawa, Junichi Shigezumi and Hiroya Inakoshi
Conditional Log-Likelihood for Continuous Time Bayesian Network Classifiers
Daniele Codecasa and Fabio Stella
Online Batch Weighted Ensemble for Mining Data Streams with Concept Drift
Magdalena Deckert
A Relational Unsupervised Approach to Author Identification
Fabio Leuzzi, Stefano Ferilli and Fulvio Rotella
Thresholding of Semantic Similarity Networks using a Spectral Graph Based Technique
Pietro Hiram Guzzi, Simone Truglia, Pierangelo Veltri and Mario Cannataro
A Study on Parameter Estimation for a Mining Flock Algorithm
Chiara Renso, Rebecca Ong, Mirco Nanni, Monica Wachowicz and Dino Pedreschi
F2G: Efficient Discovery of Full-Patterns
Rui Henriques, Claudia Antunes and Sara Madeira
IndexSpan: Efficient Discovery of Item-Indexable Sequential Patterns
Rui Henriques, Claudia Antunes and Sara Madeira
Sequential Pattern Mining from Trajectory Data
Elio Masciari, Gao Shi and Carlo Zaniolo
Extending ReliefF for Hierarchical Multi-label Classification
Jana Karcheska, Ivica Slavkov, Dragi Kocev, Slobodan Kalajdziski and Saso Dzeroski
XML Document Partitioning using Ensemble Clustering
Gianni Costa and Riccardo Ortale
Process Mining to Forecast Future of Running Cases
Annalisa Appice, Sonja Pravilovic and Donato Malerba
The use of the label hierarchy in HMC improves performance: A case study in predicting community structure in ecology
Jurica Levatic, Dragi Kocev and Saso Dzeroski
Mining Audio Data for Multiple Instrument Recognition in Classical Music
Elzbiera Kubera and Alicja Wieczorkowska
A Hybrid Distance-based Method and Support Vector Machines for Emotional Speech Detection
Vladimer Kobayashi
Towards extracting relations from unstructured data through natural language semantics
Diana Trandabat
A Sliding Window Approach for Discovering Dense Areas in Trajectory Streams
Corrado Loglisci and Donato Malerba

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