Award winners

Test of time:

Logistic model trees
Niels Landwehr, Mark Hall, Eibe Frank

Best student paper data mining:

Socially Enabled Preference Learning from Implicit Feedback Data
Julien Delporte, Alexandros Karatzoglou, Tomasz Matuszczyk, Stéphane Canu

Best paper data mining:

Difference-based Estimates for Generalization-Aware Subgroup Discovery
Florian Lemmerich, Martin Becker, Frank Puppe

Best student paper machine learning:

Spatio-Temporal Random Fields: Compressible Representation and Distributed Estimation
Nico Piatkowski, Sangkyun Lee, Katharina Morik

Best paper machine learning:

Exploiting Multi-Step Sample Trajectories for Approximate Value Iteration
Robert Wright, Lei Yu, Steven Loscalzo, Philip Dexter

Open science winners:

A Fast Approximation of the Weisfeiler-Lehman Graph Kernel for RDF Data
Gerben De Vries

Itemset Based Sequence Classification
Cheng Zhou, Boris Cule, and Bart Goethals

Open science honorable mention:

SNNAP: Solver-based Nearest Neighbor for Algorithm Portfolios
Marco Collautti, Yuri Malitsky, Barry O’Sullivan

Block Coordinate Descent Algorithms for Large-scale Sparse Multiclass
Mathieu Blondel, Kazuhiro Seki, and Kuniaki Uehara

Fast Variational Bayesian Linear State-Space Model
Jaakko Luttinen

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