DARE: Data Analytics for Renewable Energy Integration

Statistical Learning for Short-Term Photovoltaic Power Predictions
Björn Wolff, Elke Lorenz and Oliver Kramer
First Steps Towards a Systematical Optimized Strategy for Solar Energy Supply Forecasting
Robert Ulbricht, Ulrike Fischer, Wolfgang Lehner and Hilko Donker
Aggregation of Features for Wind Energy Prediction with Support Vector Regression and Nearest Neighbors
Nils André Treiber and Justin Heinermann
Fault Detection of Large Amounts of Photovoltaic Systems
Patrick Traxler
Drivers of variability in energy consumption
Adrian Albert, Timnit Gebru, Jerome Ku, Jungsuk Kwac, Jure Leskovec and Ram Rajagopal
Load Decomposition and Profiling for “Smart Grid” Demand-Side Management Applications
Sasa Djokic and Andreas Paisios

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