Real-World Challenges for Data Stream Mining

Real World Issues in Stream Classification
Vincent Lemaire
High-Throughput Continuous Clustering of Message Streams
Oisin Boydell, Marek Landowski, Guangyu Wu and Padraig Cunningham
Real Time Event Monitoring with Trident
Igor Brigadir, Derek Greene, Padraig Cunningham and Gavin Sheridan
Classifiers for Concept-drifting Data Streams: Evaluating Things That Really Matter
Dariusz Brzezinski and Jerzy Stefanowski
Analysis of Videos using Tile Mining
Toon Calders, Elisa Fromont, Baptiste Jeudy and Lam Hoang Thanh
Early Classification of Individual Electricity Consumptions
Asma Dachraoui, Alexis Bondu and Antoine Cornuejols
Anticipative and Dynamic Adaptation to Concept Changes
Ghazal Jaber, Antoine Cornuejols and Philippe Tarroux
Survival Analysis Meets Data Stream Mining
Mark Last and Hezi Halpert
A Discussion on ISS Columbus Data Streams
Tino Noack, Enrico Noack, Ingo Schmitt, Sonja Sievi and Sita Mirzakhyl
Streaming Virtual Patient Records
Pedro Pereira Rodrigues and Ricardo Cruz-Correia
Event History Analysis on Data Streams: An Application to Earthquake Occurrence
Ammar Shaker and Eyke Hullermeier

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