TML: Tensor Methods for Machine Learning

Praneeth Vepakomma, Ahmed Elgammal
Embedding Super-Symmetric Tensors of Higher-Order Similarities of High-Dimensional Data
Wenjuan Gong, Michael Sapienza, Fabio Cuzzolin
Fisher Tensor Decomposition for Unconstrained Gait Recognition
Roman Rosipal, Leonard J Trejo, Eran Zaidel
Atomic Decomposition of EEG for Mapping Cortical Activation
Xueyan Jiang, Volker Tresp, Denis Krompass
A Logistic Additive Model for Relation Prediction in Multi-relational data
Denis Krompass, Maximilian Nickel, Xueyan Jiang, Volker Tresp
Non-negative Tensor Factorization with RESCAL

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