Languages for Data Mining and Machine Learning

Declarative In-Network Sensor Data Analysis
George Valkanas, Ixent Galpin, Alasdair J.G. Gray, Alvaro A. A. Fernandes, Norman W. Paton and Dimitrios Gunopulos
Mining (Soft-) Skypatterns using Constraint Programming
Willy Ugarte Rojas, Patrice Boizumault, Samir Loudni, Bruno Cremilleux and Alban Lepailleur
Query Rewriting for Rule Mining in Databases
Brice Chardin, Emmanuel Coquery, Marie Pailloux and Jean-Marc Petit
A Constraint Programming Approach for Mining Sequential Patterns in a Sequence Database
Jean-Philippe Métivier, Samir Loudni and Thierry Charnois
The representation of sequential patterns and their projections within Formal Concept Analysis
Aleksey Buzmakov, Etras Egho, Nicolas Jay, Sergei O. Kuznetsov, Amedeo Napoli and Chedy Raïssi
Language of Conclusions and Formal Frame for Data Mining with Association Rules
Jan Rauch
Lower and upper queries for graph-mining
Amina Kemmar, Yahia Lebbah, Samir Loudni and Mohammed Ouali
API design for machine learning software: experiences from the scikit-learn project
Lars Buitinck, Gilles Louppe, Mathieu Blondel, Fabian Pedregosa, Andreas Müller, Olivier Grisel, Vlad Niculae, Peter Prettenhofer, Alexandre Gramfort, Jaques Grobler, Robert Layton, Jake Vanderplas, Arnaud Joly, Brian Holt and Gaël Varoquaux
A declarative query language for statistical inference (extended abstract)
Gitte Vanwinckelen and Hendrik Blockeel

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