Music and Machine Learning

Dance Hit Song Science
Dorien Herremans, David Martens and and Kenneth Sorensen
A Hierarchical Cluster Analysis to Identify Principles of Popular Music Composition Used by The Beatles
Douglas J. Mason
A Deep Learning Approach to Rhythm Modelling with Applications
Aggelos Pikrakis
Music Emotion Recognition: The Importance of Melodic Features
Bruno Rocha, Renato Panda and and Rui Pedro Paiva
Discovery of mediating association rules for folk music analysis
Kerstin Neubarth, Colin G. Johnson and Darrell Conklin
Chord Estimation using Compositional Hierarchical Model
Matevz Pesek and Matija Marolt
A Neural Probabilistic Model for Predicting Melodic Sequences
Srikanth Cherla and Artur d’Avila Garcez and Tillman Weyde
An Efficient Shift-Invariant Model for Polyphonic Music Transcription
Emmanouil Benetos, Srikanth Cherla and and Tillman Weyde
Timbre-based Drum Pattern Classification using Hidden Markov Models
Michael Blass
Using Mutual Proximity for Novelty Detection in Audio Music Similarity
Arthur Flexer and Dominik Schnitzer
Music Visualization Using Audio Features and Tags
Tzu-Chun Lin, Wei Lee Woon and Jimmy C. Peng
Music Emotion Recognition from Lyrics: A Comparative Study
Ricardo Malheiro, Renato Panda, Paulo Gomes and Rui Pedro Paiva
A Machine Learning Approach for Clustering Western and Non-Western Folk Music Using Low-level and Mid-level Features
Neocleous Andreas, Panteli Maria, Rafaela Ioannou, Nicolai Petkov and Christos N. Schizas
Percussive Beat tracking using real-time median filtering
Andrew Robertson, Adam Stark and and Matthew E. P. Davies
Musical Onset Detection with Convolutional Neural Networks
Jan Schluter and Sebastian Bock
Real-Time Modeling of Emotions by Linear Regression
Sergio Giraldo and Rafael Ramirez
Fusion Functions for Multiple Viewpoints
Darrell Conklin
The Power of Less: Exemplar-based Automatic Transcription of Polyphonic Piano Music
Ismail Ari, Ali Taylan Cemgil and and Lale Akarun
Enhanced peak picking for onset detection with recurrent neural networks
Sebastian Bock, Jan Schluter, Arthur Flexer and and Gerhard Widmer
Recognition of Online Handwritten Music Symbols
Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza, Jose Oncina and and Jose M. Iñesta

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