Reinforcement Learning with Generalized Feedback: Beyond Numeric Rewards

Human Interaction for Effective Reinforcement Learning
L. Adrian Leon, Ana C. Tenorio and Eduardo F. Morales
Interactive Robot Education
Riad Akrour, Marc Schoenauer and and Michele Sebag
Interactive Q-Learning with Ordinal Rewards and Unreliable Tutor
Paul Weng and Robert Busa-Fekete and Eyke Hllermeier
Iterative Model Refinement of Recommender MDPs based on Expert Feedback
Omar Zia Khan, Pascal Poupart and and John Mark Agosta
Preference-Based Reinforcement Learning: A Preliminary Survey
Christian Wirth and Johannes Frnkranz
Preference-based Evolutionary Direct Policy Search
Robert Busa-Fekete, Balazs Szrenyi, Paul Weng and Weiwei Cheng and Eyke Hllermeier
A Learning Agent for Parameter Estimation in Speeded Tests
Daniel Bengs and Ulf Brefeld
Applying Inverse Reinforcement Learning to Medical Records of Diabetes
Hideki Asoh, Masanori Shiro, Shotaro Akaho, Toshihiro Kamishima, Koiti Hasida, Eiji Aramaki and and Takahide Kohro
Multiobjective Reinforcement Learning Using Adaptive Dynamic Programming And Reservoir Computing
Mohamed Oubbati, Timo Oess, Christian Fischer and and Gnther Palm
Comparative Evaluation of Reinforcement Learning with Scalar Rewards and Linear Regression with Multidimensional Feedback
Petar Kormushev and Darwin G. Caldwell

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